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Welcome to the LJ Bodhisattvas Community! This is a fun little community based on the Buddha's teaching that we are all bodhisattvas helping one another on the path to enlightenment.

Anything you want to post is welcome here, as long as it is right thinking and right speech, and will help your fellow bodhisattvas. Inspiring thoughts, quotes, little doodles you came up with, book recommendations, anything that's been working for you is welcomed, appreciated, and definitely asked for. Questions? We can try to answer them. All are welcome here, we claim no one faith. Buddhism, to us, is a way of life, a guiding path, and can be applied to any and all religions. We welcome your ideas, your description of how you travel the path, and anyone who wishes to learn, regardless of experience. We all learn from one another here, and support one another. That is what bodhisattvas do.

Hateful speech/thoughts towards anyone and anything will not be tolerated. We encourage debate if necessary, and lively discussions in good humour are always welcome, but flamewars and harmful thoughts will be deleted and the offenders banned. Arrogance on the part of anyone really cheeses off the person who made the community, so be warned. Advertisements of non-Buddhism-related sites will be deleted and the poster removed from the community, especially if they only joined to advertise. Do not advertise unless you have been a member for awhile, and please, only Buddhism-related sites or communities. Finally, let's keep what-I-did-today chatter off the community unless it's on topic, and no quizzes please.


The three of us do our best to keep the community running smoothly, and we're very glad we have a very easy job of it! That being said, we hope it stays that way. Due to trolling and other issues, membership is moderated. Take note: Journals less than a month old will not be accepted unless prior arrangements have been made with a moderator. Journals without much activity will be considered potential trolls and not accepted. Friends-only journals will be looked at askance, as well. Finally, if your userinfo is completely in a language other than English, we will assume you do not speak it and therefore would not be able to get or give any useful info/advice/whatnot. If you know someone in the community and you are not accepted, you may appeal by having them vouch for you via email to kwanboa, and then a decision will be made. We don't want to keep anyone who wishes for honest discussion out--only trolls (we have had more than one run-in), and we must take precautions.

Do not email kwanboa asking her why you were not accepted. She does not handle the membership queue because it has been shown to slip her mind far too often. She doesn't know why. Read our rules again and look at your profile and your stats. If you're really confused, try asking psykiblue nicely, using your indoor voice with please and thank you, instead of demanding to know why. Demanding to know why you weren't accepted tends to convince kwanboa you won't be a good member...

kwanboa is the one who takes care of most of the "modly" duties of the community. She created the community in 2003, and while she is mostly hands-off, her word is indeed law and if you don't like it, there are many other communities whose moderation may serve you better.

Membership requests are handled by psykiblue whose contact info is in her profile, and in a very roundabout manner kwanboa who can be reached via her LiveJournal address but only for specific reasons. If you were denied membership, kwanboa will handle your appeal (rules for that are stated two paragraphs up). Please do not apply again; if your appeal is accepted, you will be sent an invitation to join the community. kwanboa and psykiblue speak frequently (and know each other IRL); we only wish to keep trolls out. Please note the Yahoo account no longer works, so please contact a mod directly if you have a problem with another, non-mod user. We want all our members to feel safe and supported.